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The First Ever U.S. Palladium Coin Is Almost Here!

The United States Mint has been in existence for 225 years, but it has never struck a coin in palladium – until now.
Numismatists were excited when Congress authorized the first-ever Palladium Eagle coin back in 2010. There has been growing demand and anticipation ever since. After years of planning and preparation, this coin is now coming to fruition. The U.S. Mint has struck a limited number of first-ever palladium Eagles and is about to release them to the public.
These Palladium Eagles represent an important event for bullion investors and collectors alike. Never has there been a palladium bullion product issued and guaranteed by the U.S Government. If you’ve been looking for a way to invest in this rare metal, the Palladium Eagle is one of the most secure and liquid forms.

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