One of the world's most attractive and eagerly-anticipated coins is about to be released!

Mexico's Silver Libertad is a favorite with both collectors and investors. Numismatists are drawn to the coin thanks to its unique and strikingly beautiful design. Plus, over the years, many Silver Libertads have appreciated dramatically in premium. Numerous dates from the 1990s and early 2000s, for example, are now selling for 4x-5x their melt value! Investors, meanwhile, favor the Libertad for Mexico's strong tradition as a producer of bullion coins. Long before Eagles and Maples entered the landscape, Mexican gold and silver coins figured prominently in the bullion marketplace.

Today, we're offering 2019 Silver Libertads from the first wave to arrive in the states. Not only can you reserve your spot at the head of the line, but you can also lock in at special pre-sale pricing. 2019 1 Oz Silver Libertads are now available for pre-order for as low as $4.49 over spot!

Plus, we're also offering a variety of fractional and multi-ounce versions, including 1/20 oz1/10 oz1/4 oz1/2 oz2 oz, and 5 oz. These sizes tend to have much lower mintages and can be extremely difficult to source.

Take advantage of this change to reserve one of the world's most celebratedbullion coins -- at a fantastic low introductory premium!