It's easy to see why 1921 Morgans are a favorite among collectors. Not only are they historically significant as the last Morgan Dollar ever made, but they're also an outstanding value. This is especially true today, as we've reduced prices on all 1921 Morgans by 10% or more!

First, a little background on what makes the 1921 Morgan so special:

From the 1870s through the 1920s, the federal government struck an excessive quantity of Silver Dollars. Powerful Nevada mining interests lobbied Congress to pass legislation that required the federal government to buy massive quantities of silver. This excess metal was mostly converted into Morgan Silver Dollars, which sat untouched for years waiting to be absorbed into circulation by banks.

In light of this surplus, Silver Dollar production was halted in 1904. Despite the continued excess of silver, Congress then passed the Pittman Act of 1918, which called for the purchase of even more silver. Even though there was no real need for the coin, the Morgan Dollar was struck for one final year in 1921. It was produced at three U.S. Mint facilities: Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco.

It took decades for the excess quantities of 1921 Morgans to be absorbed into mainstream circulation. In the process, the coin received an undeserved reputation as being more 'common' than the earlier 1878-1904 dates. In actuality, however, 1921 Morgans are not as common as the 1878-1904 issues. Nonetheless, the false perception remains and, to this day, pre-1921 Morgans sell for a significantly higher premium than do the 1921 Morgans. This makes the 1921 coins a great deal by comparison.

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