Any new world mint coin creates headlines, but when an all-new series rolls out, it’s a major event!
We’re excited to report an all-new series of silver bullion coins entitled “The Next Generation.” The coins are being issued by the Perth Mint of Australia, known throughout the world for its Lunar, Koala, Kookaburra, and Kangaroo series of bullion coins. Now, this new line offers silver buyers yet another way to own bullion in a unique and special form.
The Next Generation coins display both a mother and baby of iconic Australian wildlife. The series kicks off with a 2 Oz Silver Koala coin. Per custom Queen Elizabeth II appears on the obverse, while a pair of koalas (both a “mom” and “bub”) are featured on the reverse. Much like the 2018 Silver Kangaroo, each Next Generation coin features micro-engraved radial lines to enhance both eye appeal and security.
Each two-ounce Next Generation silver coin is a piedfort. For those who are not familiar with the term, piedforts are double-thick coins produced for special occasions, struck as presentation pieces, or made for use as official gifts. Piedforts are treasured for their extra weight and substantial metal content. They’ve been made by various world mints for centuries, but this is the very first time the Perth Mint has issued a silver bullion coin in this special format.
As the Queen’s Beasts series has demonstrated, substantial collector and investor demand exists for two-ounce silver bullion coins. The extra weight gives the coins a more substantial look and feel – but 2 oz pieces are still affordable for a wide range of buyers. Also, the Queen’s Beasts have shown that these coins are more than just bullion pieces; they’ve become treasured numismatic items. Coins like the 2017 2 Oz Silver Griffin are trading for 2x-3x their melt value; this is a testament to their collector appeal.