Any time a world mint introduces a new coin, it’s a major event in the bullion industry. Today, however, we’re excited to announce the second release in this popular series!
The Perth Mint of Australia introduced a new series of silver bullion coins in 2018 entitled “The Next Generation.” Each coin in the series displays both a mother and baby of iconic Australian wildlife. The Next Generation offers collectors and investors yet another way to own silver in a unique and special form.
The second coin in the series is the 2019 Australia 2 Oz Piedfort Silver Crocodile. If you’re not familiar with the term, a piedfort is a double-thick coin typically made for special occasions. Centuries ago, piedforts were used as test pieces, diplomatic gifts, or to showcase new designs. 
The 2019 Australia 2 Oz Piedfort Silver Crocodile contains two ounces of .9999 fine silver. The obverse depicts a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse shows a mother and baby crocodile. Both sides feature beautiful micro-etched radial lines for enhanced eye appeal and security. Adding to the aesthetic quality of the coin, you’ll be impressed by the intricate engraving on the design features.
Not only is the coin dazzling to the eye, but its substantial weight makes it impressive to hold. This is unlike any other Perth Mint bullion coin in terms of size, weight, thickness, or appearance. These unique qualities have already made the Next Generation a tremendous success.

Today, we’re offering special pre-sale pricing on our first wave of 2019 2 Oz Crocodiles. You can reserve your spot at the head of the line – and lock in for as little as $1.99 per ounce over spot! This is an outstanding low premium for any new sovereign-minted silver coin, but an even better value for such a special item. These coins are more than just a great way to own .9999 pure silver; they’re poised to become treasured collectibles too.
The total worldwide mintage is capped at 75,000. This is significantly lower than Perth’s 1 oz Kookaburra and 1 oz Lunar mintages – and a tiny fraction of the massive silver Eagle and Maple mintages. We doubt 75,000 pieces will be enough to cover worldwide demand; if you’re interested in these coins we urge you to act quickly.
Take advantage of today’s low premiums and spot prices. Plus, by placing your order today, you’ll be one of the very first to receive these coins! Don’t miss this chance to lock in one of 2019’s most exciting coins at special introductory pricing.