This coin is brand new and an old standby at the same time. How’s that possible?
For over 50 years, the Krugerrand has been a cornerstone of the worldwide bullion market. It was the very first 1 oz gold coin and a true pioneer in its field. Long before mainstays like the Eagle and Maple existed, the Krugerrand dominated the precious metals space. At one point, Krugerrands represented a whopping 90% of the entire gold coin market! Even with the advent of new competitors, the “KRand” remains one of the most recognized, liquid, and in-demand products in the industry.
Now, for the first time ever, the South African Mint is producing a bullion edition Krugerrand in silver. It has the allure and appeal of a new product – combined with the legendary Krugerrand reputation. For decades, investors have turned to the gold Krugerrand as a store of value. Multiple generations have come to appreciate the coin’s security and trustworthiness. Now, bullion buyers can own Krugerrands struck in silver too.
As you may know, the South African Mint released a collector-edition silver Krugerrand in 2017. That coin trades for a significant premium; most dealers are quoting 2x-4x for this coin. By comparison, the 2018 Silver Krugerrand is being released as a bullion piece at a highly attractive premium. To kick off this landmark new release, we’re offering the 2018 “Krug” for as little as $1.95 over spot!
At these exceptional low premiums, the 2018 Krugerrand is priced in the same basic category as Silver Maples, Philharmonics, Kangaroos, and Britannias. It’s even more cost-effective than silver Eagles and Libertads too. The 2018 Silver Krugerrand offers investors all the benefits of a new sovereign-minted coin at an exceptionally low premium. The 2018 1 Oz Silver Krugerrand can be purchased individually, in tubes of 25 coins, or in monster boxes of 500 coins.
Our first wave of Krugerrands will be arriving later this month with shipping to begin the week of August 6-10. In the interim, we are accepting pre-orders at special introductory pricing. You can reserve coins from our first shipment for as little as $1.95 over spot. By placing your order now, you’ll lock in low spot, low premiums, and a place at the head of the line! 
We must stress that these special premiums are in effect for a limited time. Only so many coins are available in the first shipment; subsequent deliveries may be priced at a higher level. We strongly encourage you to reserve your Krugerrands early while these exceptionally low premiums are in place. This coin may have been 50+ years in the making, but we predict it’ll sell quickly. Don’t miss your chance to lock in at this exceptional rate and own a piece of precious metals history!