As of this morning, the spot price of silver remains below the key $16.00 level. After tumbling dramatically in the past several trading sessions, silver is beginning to creep back towards its previous $16.00-$16.75 range. Meanwhile, we're noticing a tremendous wave of physical buying at these discounted levels. This summer had been a quiet one for the bullion marketplace, but whensilver fell below $16, activity increased substantially and hasn't slowed since.

If physical demand remains strong, premiums will be pushed upward. Already, we've seen wholesalers raise their prices for 90% "junk" silver and American Gold EaglesCanadian Silver Maple Leaf coins, however, remain available at extremely reasonable levels.

We encourage you to take advantage of historic low premiums while they still remain. Today, you can still pick up original mint tubes of 2017 Silver Maplesfor just $1.89 over spot with free shipping! As best we can tell, this is the lowest price in the marketplace. If you know of a better deal on 2017 Maples, we want to hear about it!

The Silver Maple Leaf is a smart choice for numerous reasons. Its weight and industry-leading .9999 purity are guaranteed by the Canadian government. For enhanced aesthetics and security, each coin displays micro-engraved radial lines and a laser-engraved privy mark. Despite these advantages, the Silver Maple is still priced at a lower premium compared to the American Silver Eagle.

If you're looking for a savvy way to take advantage of today's low spot and premiums, these mint-fresh Silver Maples represent an unbeatable value!