In just a few months, one of the most important events in American numismatic history will take place. The world’s most popular and iconic bullion coin, the American Silver Eagle, will undergo its first design change ever. It’s hard to overstate the significance of this launch – and it couldn’t happen at a more crucial time for the bullion marketplace. This changeover was planned for quite some time, as the Silver Eagle is celebrating its 35th anniversary. However, by coincidence, the new motif is debuting when physical silver demand is at record highs.
First, you might be asking what exactly is changing. The iconic Walking Liberty design, first seen on the U.S. Half Dollar from 1916-1947, will remain in place on the obverse. The reverse, on the other hand, shows a bald eagle landing with an oak branch in its talons. This highly attractive design was chosen from 36 different entrants – and it’s easy to see why. The artist, Emily Damstra, wanted to show the eagle coming in for a landing as if adding a branch to its nest. The design is clean, beautifully executed, and modern.
The new “Type 2” 2021 Silver Eagle is expected to be released in early-mid July. In anticipation of this launch, it’s believed the U.S. Mint has already begun production of 2021 Type 2 ASE. A small number of 2021 Silver Eagles were released to distributors in April and we’re told that few, if any, will be made to distributors between now and the Type 2 debut. This extremely limited supply, along with intense physical silver demand, has resulted in strong premiums for all Silver Eagles. ASE of any year are commanding robust prices, but 2021 Type 1 coins especially hot right now.
What will happen to prices when the Type 2 Silver Eagles arrive? Under normal circumstances, this much-needed wave of product would tamp down premiums and satisfy demand. However, this is a completely unprecedented situation that might have the opposite effect. This once-in-a-lifetime new design will generate massive levels of interest among collectors and investors world-wide. For as long as coins have been minted in the United States, first-year-of-issue coins have been treasured collectibles (even among those who normally wouldn’t collect). Many buyers will perceive this coin as more of a collectible than a bullion product; as such we could see prices (especially for coins released in July) maintain or exceed their current levels.
We will bring you more details emerge on this historic new release as they emerge. In the meantime, if you’d like to receive an automatic alert when the 2021 Type 2 Silver Eagle is available for pre-sale, click here and register for instant updates. This is one of the important events in modern numismatics – and we want you to be in the know!