The Royal Canadian Mint produces some of the world’s finest bullion coins and bars. They offer a superb combination of quality, beauty and value. In addition to being highly attractive, their products are universally trusted in the marketplace. Each coin and bar is guaranteed by the Canadian government as to its weight and purity. Despite these benefits, RCM bullion can be bought for modest premiums. In fact, they’re among the lowest-priced sovereign mint products in the industry.
Monument Metals is proud to offer an extensive selection of Royal Canadian Mint gold, silver and platinum products. This includes 1 oz and 10 oz Silver Maples, Gold Maples in all sizes, the new 2017 Silver Lynx, and RCM silver bars. All are available now at what we believe are the lowest premiums online.
In particular, three RCM items stand out as best buys today:



  • 2017 1 Oz Gold .99999 Fine Elk: Yes, you read correctly, this coin is .99999 fine. That makes it the purest gold coin in the world! These beautiful 1 oz gold Elks are delivered in tamper-proof plastic assay cards. At just a little more than a standard 1 oz gold Maple Leaf, we think these are excellent value.


  • RCM 100 Oz Silver Bars: Arguably, this is the best buy in silver! For as little as 69c over spot, you get a government-issued 100 oz bar that’s .9999 pure, individually serialized, and guaranteed by a sovereign mint. Want something smaller? The 10 oz RCM bar is a great option too.


Whether you’re a collector or investor, Royal Canadian Mint coins and bars are a fantastic choice. Take advantage of our outstanding selection of RCM products – and lock in at today’s low premiums!