At Monument Metals, 90% pre-1965 “junk” silver coins are one of our main focuses. Why? We think they’re the best deal in bullion – and our clients agree! These coins are U.S. Government-issued, available in small convenient units, and priced at a minuscule premium. In today’s market, savvy investors can pick up 90% silver for half the premium of American Silver Eagles.
Since we trade heavily in 90% silver, we often get offered large and unusual deals of the material. This past week was no exception. Even though premiums have been creeping upward on many bullion products, we bought a significant quantity of 90% Dimes and Quarters at a very attractive rate. Our fortune is yours too: we’re offering a one-day sale on 90% junk Dimes and Quarters at the lowest prices of any major dealer.
Today, Monday the 17th, you can buy 90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes and 90% Silver Washington Quarters at these historic low premiums:

Whether you’re looking for small quantities or large, we’re offering outstanding wholesale pricing to all customers.
We have to stress: these premiums are for today only. With spot silver in flux and physical demand on the rise, we cannot guarantee this price beyond today.